This essay is for a strategic leadership + ethics course within an outdoor recre
This essay is for a strategic leadership + ethics course within an outdoor recreation graduate program. The directions to this paper are somewhat vague on purpose. Our professor wants us to think creatively about how to present the information in a way that is easily understandable. ? We are allowed to be hypothetical and create fictitious situations if we aren't currently working. Part I: Analyze a well-known outdoor recreation organization you have or currently work for, (if not possible, write as if you are a fictitious employee). Examples include: The Forest Service, The National Park Service, Commerical Ski Resorts, Summer Camps, etc. Think about the organization/departmental structure as it relates to execution and success. What works? What doesn't? What could be changed? What can't be changed? Is it a structures issue or a people issue? A fictitious example: While working as a camp counselor for a summer camp, you felt unprepared at times due to a lack of staff training. You continue to work at the camp because you love the kids you work with and other staff. The benefits are great since you get room/board. Counselors also wish they had more of a say in what types of programs were offered at camp. Part II: Develop a plan of action for the implementation of an enhanced approach using applicable readings. In other words, thinking about what you can change, how would you do it? What would your plan of action be? What would need to be done first to make the change? A fictitious example: Explain the importance of why camp counselors should be trained regularly, use peer-reviewed journals that showcase as evidence for why staff training is important. Also, talk about the importance of letting your staff feel heard. Offer solutions and again have evidence to back up why it would help the organization's success overall. Logistics: - Minimum five (5) pages in APA format. A running header, abstract, and title page are not required. Be sure to submit as a Word .doc - Your paper should include citations from at least 5 different peer-reviewed articles that support either your analysis of your organization or your plan of action. - Make sure you are citing all sources that you use in the body of the paper, and then include them on a reference page. The reference page is not included as one of your 5 pages.

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