Learning Goal: I’m working on a operating systems project and need a sample draf
Learning Goal: I'm working on a operating systems project and need a sample draft to help me learn.The programming assignments for this class have several objectives in mind. You are required to do the programming assignments using the C/C++ language. C and C++ are widely used for system programming tasks, such as building operating systems software, and other low level computing tasks that require good performance. This programming assignment also acts as a review for several topics. In this assignment you need to use a simple queue data structure to perform the assigned task. You are required to implement your queue using C++ standard template library (STL) data types. So we will be reviewing or introducing you to using STL library types for programming. And finally, this assignment will introduce you to the structure and format of programming assignments for this class. The assignments 1 for this class take the form of terminal based simulations. We make use of command line parameters in order to specify options and inputs. Most of the assignments after this first ones are implementations of simulations of various aspects of operating system functions, such as memory management or process scheduling. In this assignment, you are to implement a simple simulation that supports a stack and a queue of items being either enqueued and dequeued (onto the queue) or pushed and popped (onto the stack). You are required to use STL data structures to implement and create the stack and queue for your program. There are several tutorials and references for the C++ STL library listed in our class website. I tend to use the following site as a reference for the STL container data types: http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/stl/ The input file for this simulation will simply be a list of operations to perform on either a stack or a queue. For example: ----- testfile1.tst -------- enqueue 5 enqueue 7 push blooper push rookie dequeue push demerits pop enqueue 3 enqueue 8 push showplace enqueue 9 dequeue pop dequeue push palmetto push zebra pop push collapse dequeue dequeue dequeue pop poppop pop pop enqueue 2 enqueue 4 push penguins push sleeping exit Requirements: as needed   |   .doc file | C++

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