Learning Goal: I’m working on a management question and need a reference to help
Learning Goal: I'm working on a management question and need a reference to help me learn.Reflection and evaluation are critical in all negotiation situations. For the final part of this assignment, prepare and submit a double-spaced Word document addressing the following items. Please follow the sequence and flow provided blow. Remember to use industry-specific language. What role did you play in the negotiation? (As a Sponser) Describe how you prepared for this negotiation. Should you have done anything differently? Provide specifics. How did you establish your initial position to get to your opening offer? Do you think they should have been higher or lower? Please explain. Evaluate the strategy and tactics you used for this negotiation. Explain why you chose to use each. Did they work or should you have used a different strategy or other tactics? Critique the outcome of this negotiation. Were you successful? Could your outcome have been improved? Why or why not? Reflect on this exercise. What did you learn? How will this benefit you in the future. Requirements: 2-6 pages   |   .doc file

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