Learning Goal: I’m working on a management project and need an explanation and a
Learning Goal: I'm working on a management project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.q Assessment Details In this module, you are required to submit a short research paper as an individual assignment (CW). HAND-IN REQUIREMENTS: Select one problem/topic and use the methods covered in this module to write a research essay. The methods can be included but not limited to the methods as below: 1) Hypothesis tests on mean and variance; 2) Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). 3) Linear regression. Detailed requirements on this report can be found in the next page. Linear programming; You are supposed to write this essay by yourself alone. Your assignment markings are graded based on the below items. Marking Item Assessor Marking Weight Problem/topic statement. Module leader 10% Literature review. Module leader 20% Analysis methodology. Module leader 30% Results of analysis. Module leader 20% Conclusions. Module leader 15% References. Module leader 5% GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR REPORT: There is not requirement for word limit of the essay and the essay is not supposed to reach the level of a formal research paper or even a dissertation. Just consider this to be a simple practice of your future research. There are only “pass” and “fail” levels for the individual assignment. On the cover page of your report, please write down all the information required. In the problem/topic statement section, please give a brief description of the problem/topic you concern in this essay, including a general scope of the topic, the importance of the topic and which areas can the topic contribute to. In the literature review section, please give a comprehensive review of related work on the same area you concern. Try to highlight some of the papers that have a higher significance or a closer relation with your work. Then, you should make a brief discussion of the existing drawbacks potential improvements of the research on this topic and associate your contribution in this work with these issues. In the methodology section, please explain in details the approaches involved, including data collection and analysis techniques you use. In particular, I require you to follow the “principle first” rule, which means before you introduce a definition, index, theory, method, you should make a brief interpretation of the reason you need it. In the results section, please provide the detailed results and findings through your methodology, also draw some implications and/or commentary to support your conclusion. You may use actual data set that you collect from real sources. Or, you may use artificial data generated by any software. But please be noted that your results must be consistent with your data set and analysis process. In the conclusion section, summarize your problem/topic, the methodology you use, the conclusion you draw about the topic and your recommendations to the other researchers concerning the same topic (any potential future research direction, etc.). In the References section, please list all the references you have cited for your report in an alphabetical order using the APA or Vancouver style (author-year). Please arrange all references in the right format. Example: Lai and Robbins (1985) (In the main body) Lai, T. L. and Robbins, H. (1985), “Asymptotically efficient adaptive allocation rules,” Advances in Applied Mathematics, 6(1), 4–22. If more details are specified for the assessment, you are referred to the students to Assessment policy on E-bridge or further notice on Learning Mall Online. Requirements: 1000

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