Learning Goal: I’m working on a java project and need support to help me learn.I
Learning Goal: I'm working on a java project and need support to help me learn.I did my project, but It was not good. Please help me fix it. This is my professor recommendation:you would need to make the following changes/additions: In the Recipe class, in the createNewRecipe() method, you should not prompt the user for all of the Ingredient properties there and add the Ingredient the way you are doing it now. Instead, you can simply call the Ingredient’s createNewIngredient() method, which returns the new Ingredient object. And then add this Ingredient to the recipeIngredients ArrayList. In the RecipeBox class, you should include the option to Edit and Delete a Recipe. You would need to add in the code/logic to do this. You should include Unit testing (a separate class in which you test the different methods of the Ingredient and Recipe class). In the Recipe class, you should have an additional custom functionality (e.g. recipe instructions). See below: * 4. Create a custom method in the Recipe class. * Choose one of the following options: * * a. print out a recipe with amounts adjusted for a different * number of servings * * b. create an additional list or ArrayList that allow users to * insert step-by-step recipe instructions * * c. conversion of ingredient amounts from * English to metric (or vice versa) * * d. calculate select nutritional information * * e. calculate recipe cost * * f. propose a suitable alternative to your instructor Requirements: fix it please   |   .doc file

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