Learning Goal: I’m working on a history writing question and need a sample draft
Learning Goal: I'm working on a history writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Assignment Expectations: For the fifth and final assignment, you will write an Introduction, just as you would for a final research paper, on your instructor-approved topic. Your introduction will include background information, historical context, the thesis statement that you’ve been crafting over the last eight weeks, as well as three supporting points designed to defend this thesis statement. You should use the sources selected and used over the last eight weeks (including website, primary and secondary sources) to develop your thesis statement and draft your paper. NOTE: You are not writing an entire research paper, only the introduction.Assignment Directions: As you begin to write your introduction, please make sure that your final draft includes the following as well as follows the structure provided below. The Introduction Paper will be carefully structured, composed, and proofread, with all required components included in the correct order.Format: The Introductory Paper should be typed in a word document, with 1-inch margins, double-spaced, and include no less than 500 words, using 12-point Calibri/Arial/Times New Roman font. Your paper should include a cover sheet that contains the following information:Your Name Research Project Title/Topic Your class and section number Your Introductory Paper should follow the Structure below.Background Information on your topicAs you begin to write your paper, take a few sentences to provide some background information. Historical Context on your topicAfter proving a few background sentences, explain the historical context of the event you are studying. Thesis StatementAt this point, share your thesis statement. Three Supporting PointsAfter sharing your thesis statement, provide three points (from your research) that defend your thesis statement. FootnotesPlease make sure that your paper is based on the research you conducted for this class AND cite your work using Chicago/Turabian Style. Please see below under Bibliography. BibliographyAt the end of your Introductory Paper, please include a bibliography of all of your research. This will include the sources you used for your Website Evaluation, Primary Source Analysis, and Scholarly Article Review. You can also include any additional sources you might have used for this research project. Please use Chicago Humanities (also referred to as Turabian) Style to format your bibliography entries and footnotes. The Effective Writing Center created a short overview on using Chicago Humanities Style called “Brief Guide to Citing Sources in Chicago.” To find a copy of this guide, please: click on the Content tab -> Course Resources ->Writing Resources -> “Brief Guide to Citing Sources in Chicago.” From there, scroll through the document to see a list of sources formatted in this style. The examples labeled N=footnote/endnote format and that labeled B=bibliographic entry. Chicago/Turabian Style can take some getting used to, so please do not hesitate to reach out to your instructor for extra clarification or additional help. Requirements: 500

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