Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical presentation and need an explan
Learning Goal: I'm working on a health & medical presentation and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Create a Keynote/PowerPoint presentation on these three topicsQuality of care Outcomes management Ethical and legal issues facing case managers As background for quality of care, readDonabedian A: The quality of care: How can it be assessed? As background for outcomes management, readEpstein RS, Sherwood LH: From outcomes research to disease management: a guide for the perplexed. Ann Intern Med 124_9_:832-837, 1996 As background for ethical and legal issues, readHendricks AG, Cesar WJ: Ethical and Legal Issues Facing Case Managers Today. Case Manager 14_3_:56-62, 2003 Be sure, as part of your slide content for each topic, to cite material from the target article readings.Use the APA format as a guideline. Grammar and spelling count.Create a Keynote/PowerPoint presentation withAt least 20 slides (at least 6 slides per topic), not including the title slide and the reference list/bibliography For each topic, add notes at the bottom of 3 slides to enhance the content Requirements: 20 Plus Slides   |   .doc file

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