Learning Goal: I’m working on a english discussion question and need a sample dr
Learning Goal: I'm working on a english discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Goal:To understand the impact of culture in everyday contexts and analyze intercultural situations using theory and concepts from this class.InstructionsThis week, we will take some time to reflect on some of the course concepts and build an intercultural notebook. Specifically, we will be focusing on how gender is portrayed within a culture.Please find THREE articles/photos/posts/podcasts/videos depicting gender roles in a culture. One article/photo/posts/podcast/video should depict stereotypically masculine gender norms/roles and one article/photo/posts/podcast/video should depict stereotypically feminine gender norms/roles. The THIRD article/photo/posts/podcast/video should depict noncompliance with gender norms within a culture. Analyze EACH article/photo/post/podcast/video separately and answer the following questions for each:Briefly describe the article/photo/post/podcast/video and why you chose to use it for this assignment Provide a detailed analysis of how the article/photo/post/podcast/video portrays gender within the cultural context. Based on this article/photo/video/podcast, how is gender conceptualized within this particular culture? Then, answer the following questions as an overall reflection (not for each article/photo/posts/podcast/video)What role does the media play in shaping gender norms/identity? How does the conceptualization of gender within your culture shape your own gender identity? Provide 2 culturally-specific recommendations for moving away from the gender binary (male/female) and instead seeing gender as more of a spectrum. Submission Requirements: depend   |   .doc file

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