Learning Goal: I’m working on a cultural studies multi-part question and need an
Learning Goal: I'm working on a cultural studies multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.AFRICAN ATUDIES: part One: Identifications (10 points each; 200 points total) This section requires you to write short answers to each identification question. There are 20 identification questions worth 10 points each for 200 points total. Each answer must address who, what, when, where, and why in the identification.Each answer should be no more than one paragraph in length (4-5 sentences or 100-150 words), double-spaced with 1-inch margins using 12 point Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman font. You are not required to include citations. Each answer must:Identify the individual named, author, event, and other key individuals and groups (2 points) Discuss what the identification term or name is about (2 points) Describe when it occurred (2 points) Describe where it occurred (2 points) Explain why the individual, group, or event is significant for understanding African American Studies (2 points) Listed below are twenty identification terms you will need to answer in Part One of the exam. You must answer all twenty terms to receive full credit. DO NOT copy and paste language from classroom resources or any other source. This is an act of plagiarism and is a violation of the academic integrity pledge you signed in Week 1.The twenty identification terms are drawn from Weeks 5-8 of the AASP 201 classroom resources. Please use your class readings first to answer the terms before resorting to outside sources.1. Montgomery Bus Boycott2. Affirmative Action3. 1960-61 Sit-ins4. 1964 Civil Rights Act5. Stokely Charmichael6. Emmett Till Case7. 1967 Riots8. 1963 Birmingham Children's March9. 1965 Voting Rights Act10. Black Power11. Irene Morgan 12. Malcolm X13. Hip hop music of 70's and 80's14. Diane Nash15. 1968 Civil Rights Act (Fair Housing Act)16. Freedom Rides 196117. Selma Voting Rights March18. Black Panthers19. Brown v. Board case20. Letter from Birmingham JailClass 2: PACE week 6:Writing Prompt Imagine that you work for a company directly related to your major. Your company is preparing for expansion and your boss, Ms. Smith, has been asked to design an orientation program for new employees. As part of this process, Ms. Smith has asked you to do some research into the trends in your organization’s industry that new employees will need to know about and understand.  She has asked you to write a detailed email that identifies the three top emerging health/science trends in your industry to incorporate into the new training, along with why they are the top three. If she likes your work on this initial research, she will ask you to take the lead on this portion of the training, allowing you to get leadership experience and name recognition within the organization.  While you have been with the company for some time, you haven’t had much opportunity to focus on training others. You think you have a sense of the industry but know you need to do more research to be accurate in your analysis. The ability to spot emerging trends in your industry is an important skill, and your boss wants to ensure that new employees are up to speed as quickly as possible.   To begin your research, access the Subject Guides available from UMGC’s Library. You can also use other online resources to conduct additional industry research. Just remember to appropriately cite and reference your resources. You can learn more about citations and references at the Library’s Writing and Citing page. If you have questions about what type of citations to use, please ask your instructor. Your assignment is to produce a well-researched email in which you identify three emerging trends in your industry and discuss each one briefly. While this will be in an email format, you may find the "How to Write an Effective 5-Paragraph Essay" video helpful.Assignment Instructions Compose a professional email (300 to 500 words) providing a response to the prompt above. You may use this template to format your email.   Use the Subject Guides from the library, and additional industry websites to research information to include in your response.  Be sure to use at least one source per trend.  Use effective writing skills to communicate the information to Ms. Smith. You will want to go into enough depth to effectively address the subject, but take care to be concise. Week 7: PACEPart 1(recommend completing during Week 5)In Part 1 of this activity, you will complete the following tasks:Watch "How to Do an Informational Interview." Select your prospective interview candidate. See below for guidance on identifying a suitable interviewee. Gather professional/biographical details about your prospective interview subject. Request and interview by email, by phone, or in person. If you're going to send your request by email, review this site for suggested wording. Consider CC’ing me on the request. To identify a suitable interview subject, find professionals in your career you would like to explore. Think about tapping these sources:Check with your personal and professional networks and professors to connect you with professionals in your field of interest. Check within Community Connect within CareerQuest or the UMUC/UMGC Alumni LinkedIn group for access to potential alumni and mentors. Consider members within student or professional organizations you have joined or would like to join. There are no restrictions on your interviewee’s location. CareerQuest has a video chat feature you can use if you connect with your subject through that platform. After you explore your interviewee options, request the interview. Reach out in a timely manner, as many professionals have demanding schedules and may not be available right away. It is also wise to consider having more than one potential interview candidate, in case your first choice doesn't pan out.As you prepare for your interview, bear in mind these tips: Maintain a professional demeanor, both in writing and orally. Draft a list of questions in advance. Schedule the interview for no longer than 20 minutes. Part 2 (recommend completing during Week 6)Prepare for your interview well in advance. In Part 2 of this activity, you will prepare for and conduct your informational interview by completing the following tasks: Determine the logistics of your interview. Will you meet in person? Via video chat or web conference (Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Skype, etc.)? An interview in real time is preferable, but if you and your subject are unable to arrange that, you can use email. Draft your interview questions. See below for guidance. Conduct the interview. Here are some questions you might consider: What sparked your interest in this career field? What does a typical day entail in your line of work? What do you like most about your career field? What are some challenges you face in this career choice? How do you handle your work-life balance? What suggestions do you have for someone who is interested in this field? Who else do you recommend I talk to? Part 3 (due by the end of Week 7)After your interview, summarize your notes in two or three paragraphs. Include the name of the interviewee, a short biography describing his or her professional background and experiences, and a brief synopsis of your interview details/highlights. Be sure to include a reflection on why you chose to interview this person and what you learned relative to your career. Finally, make sure to include the questions you asked. You may find this template helpful. This documentation is due by the end of Week 7.Week 7 Assignment Template.docx (21.84 KB) Requirements: 4-5 sentences and 100-150 words each

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