Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications test / quiz prep and need guidanc
Learning Goal: I'm working on a communications test / quiz prep and need guidance to help me learn.The following poorly organized and poorly written résumé needs help to remedy its misspellings, typos, and inconsistent headings.Your Task. Analyze Elliana’s sad résumé. List at least five weaknesses. In a word document, please rewrite the resume and revise sections of this résumé showing an improved version. Résumé of Elliana E. Estrada1340 East Phillips Ave., Apt. D Littleton, CO 80126Phone 455-5182 ● E-Mail: Hotchilibabe@gmail.com ____ OBJECTIVEI'm dying to land a first job in the “real world” with a big profitable company that will help me get ahead in the accounting field.SKILLSWord processing, Internet browsers (Explorer and Google), Powerpoint, Excel, type 40 wpm, databases, spreadsheets; great composure in stressful situations; 3 years as leader and supervisor and 4 years in customer serviceEDUCATIONArapahoe Community College, Littleton, Colorado. AA degree Fall 2017Now I am pursuing a BA in Accounting at CSU-Pueblo, majoring in Accounting; my minor is Finance. My expected degree date is June 2019; I recieved a Certificate of Completion in Entry Level Accounting in December 2016.I graduated East High School, Denver, CO in 2013. Highlights:Named Line Manger of the Month at Target, 08/2014 and 09/2015 Obtained a Certificate in Entry Level Accounting, June 2016 Chair of Accounting Society, Spring and fall 2017 Dean’s Honor List, Fall 2018 Financial advisor training completed through Primerica (May 2018) Webmaster for M.E.Ch.A, Spring 2019 Part-Time EmploymentFinancial Consultant, 2018 to presentI worked only part-time (January 2018-present) for Primerica Financial Services, Pueblo, CO to assist clients in refinancing a mortgage or consolidating a current mortgage loan and also to advice clients in assessing their need for life insurance. Target, Littleton, CO. As line manager, from September 2012-March 2016, I supervised 22 cashiers and front-end associates. I helped to write schedules, disciplinary action notices, and performance appraisals. I also kept track of change drawer and money exchanges; occasionally was manager on duty for entire store.Mr. K's Floral Design of Denver. I taught flower design from August, 2012 to September, 2013. I supervised 5 florists, made floral arrangements for big events like weddings, send them to customers, and restocked flowers.For this assignment, please read over the instructions and complete each part that is required.Guidelines for Response:Create a Word Document (It must a Word Document to be reviewed by TurnItIn.com which is activated) Acknowledge the weaknesses of the original document. (5 points) Rewrite the document to fit the guidelines of the textbook. (10 points) Proofread your rewritten document for any grammatical or spelling errors. (10 points) Requirements: without plagiarism

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