Learning Goal: I’m working on a anthropology report and need a sample draft to h
Learning Goal: I'm working on a anthropology report and need a sample draft to help me learn.-Research Paper TOPIC WITH CHOICE OF SUBTOPIC:Materia Magica are the tools used by our practitioners, priests and shamans. These can include, but are not limited to:Talismans: an item, often hand-held or small, believed to have magical or protective properties, often very personal and can be secular. A "good luck charm" Wands: a magical item used to "activate" the spirit world or power, or mark out a sacred space Amulets: an item, often worn, believed to offer magical protection, often sacred in nature. Cult images: an object of worship or veneration. Apotropaic items: a "frightening" image believed to "scare" away illness-causing spirits Votive Offering: a gift given the spirit world that is destroyed in some way to magically send it there- candles. the cow in the Hmong film. Rattles and musical instruments: used to make rhythmic noise to assist in trancing or having an apotropaic use. Plants: can be used to induce trance and other pharmacopeia, and may have a medicinal impact Discuss a bit about the differences and similarities between Materia Magica (magical implements) and Materia Medica (medical tools) ... and there they can cross over.Criteria:IntroductionIntroduction to the problem/ thesis.Background and history of the researchResearch/ source heavy. Should include all aspects of the history of the research or field for full points.Current state of research and analysisDetails the current situation- research and source heavySchools of ThoughtDetails at least 2 researchers who do not agree. Research and source heavy- student will take a side in the paper and researchResearch Plan for the next step and conclusionStudent demonstrates mastery of the scientific method and research strategies and how to apply. Effective conclusion.Short Story: a fictional account of the discovery or other aspect of the researchStudent will show mastery of the topic by briefly ‘telling the story’ of aspect of the research- a story of being in the field, or visiting a site, etc. this story must be unique to the student and by the student.This is NOT a summary of the research: it is a method to demonstrate mastery of the topic.Length:minimum 1500 words (about 8 pages double-spaced) Sourcing:Two sources must be provided , and they must date to within 10 calendar years (ETA: some research has been going on for a long time, so this is negotiable, but your sources should be timely) other sources can be older- and there must be at least 2 other sources. Paper must be sourced both in text and on a source page Requirements: 1500 words, about 8 pages

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